by Motherhood

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Please note that this EP is meant to run as two tracks (intro+dosey+dosey II and then caddy whack I & II). Bandcamp gives it gaps so we suggest you download it (obviously) and listen to it on iTunes or whatever you use with no (less?) awkward pauses. <3 mums


released July 25, 2014

Motherhood is:
Adam Sipkema
Brydon Crain
Penelope Stevens

Recorded at The Quarantine, NS by Dave Trenaman and Colleen Collins

Back-up vocals by Drew Budovitch, Luke Saunders, Colleen Collins and Dave Trenaman
All songs written and performed by Motherhood, copyright 2014


all rights reserved



Motherhood Fredericton, New Brunswick

Motherhood is an avant-rock trio from Fredericton, NB, Canada.

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Track Name: Introduction
Can't control the curse yet
Felt it since my first breath
Stole the Caddy hearse, yep
Found it on the church step
Put my boot upon the pedal
Peeled off towards the worst mess
Ah heck, shoulda guessed
Shoulda gave it to 'em, yep
Should thrown my friends a fit
Flung the fan into the shit
But I think they got the gist of it
See the matter of the fact was
That the laughter wouldn't last us
Though the last laugh was massive
The joke was on me
No I knew Nora'd slpipped up
Yes I heard about the witch hunt
About which ones were watching
And the talk when they caught them
I heard that she walked and he hung
Well that's a hard rope to knot, son
Track Name: Dosey Doe
She told me so
Stepping on the devil's toes
Dosey doe
She told me those criminals would cut my throat
Shoulda known
Leave me all alone in the cold and the snow
I'll be lying dead before the rooster can crow
She told me so
Sleeping in the devil's home is horrible
Shoulda listened, times like this a woman knows
Shoulda known
Leave me in the ditch on the side of the road
Laying with a bottle and a head full of holes
She told me so
Track Name: Dosey Dos
They were armed to the nines
But I didn't mind it so much
Until I cried truth devine
And they denied it as such
Clutch my chest and my gut
Feel the skin where the lead ripped it up
So it goes
Left me all alone, shivering and cold
She told me so
Who'da known
I'd be facing satan, she'd be safe at home
She told me so
I saw the hate in their eyes
As I fell to my knees
Through my poor, thin disguise
I was sure they saw grief
Chop the hands of a thief
Here's a man, wears a trick up his sleave
So it goes
River bed, dead, head full of holes
She told me so
Shoulda known
Coulda not got caught coming home
She told me so
Track Name: Caddy Whack Pt. I
Well hell it was swell
'Til they fell from my spell
Until they ran for the hills
I can't say that I was thrilled
Thought they had proof of my guilt
Though those half-truths that I spilled
Would never fill up a hat
Still they weren't looking for facts
In fact I fed them the fat
In that I told them that that murder rap
Was manslaughter, on my honour
That judge had it out for me, so did his daughter
Those hangers-on to anger woulda hanged her
That's for dang sure
I've got a blade in my cane for the plainshirts
But the traitors get it way worse
Frightened I was
As I reached for each wrung
As I reaped what I'd sown
But I won't preach to you, son
See the lot of them scoffed
At just how often I'd shot
And for nothing they thought
So with a cuss and a cough
And the lord as my guide
And my sword by my side
Those fiends made my hands full it's clean in my mind
I didn't need to be Daniel to see that I'd die
Probably I should have paid up
The game's up
It's quite a shame, bud
You shoulda stayed, we'd have all made the big bucks
Who'da thinked blood
Coulda sinked us
Maybe I don't wake up
And then what
Could be bed, bud
I bet it's black, that'd be best, missed by this much
Such is bad luck
As much as I've got
Track Name: Caddy Whack Pt. II (Give a Dog a Bone)
It asked me to stay and I stayed
Afraid I strayed though from the way
I just creep down through the haze
Earn my keep down with the slaves
It ain't torture and it pays
Though misfortune comes in waves
Though I'd warned her 'bout those days
In case my frail mind were to break
And I smiled when I spoke
I don't think that they know
About the way that we live
About the way that things go
It's a shame all that poor pain and suffering though
But I hear that they're blaming the government though
And I'm hell bound for sure
War torn child of the lord
And I'm proud to have lived
(And I hope I die) by the sword
And I lied through my teeth to the cops in the court
Wrung by wrung I hung my head
My time has come, my fun's been had
I made this bed with shaking hands
One by one they gave me up
With each man's right hand on the book
I was raised in the fire, I was bound to cook
But I sure did seal my fate
It was more than I could take
So I sorta made a break
Now I'm going down there for great
Yes I'm going down there for long
Give that Cadillac to Tom
And though I rattled and I roamed
Give Seattle back my bones

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