Diamonds & Gold

by Motherhood

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released June 14, 2013

Adam Sipkema - drums, vocals
Brydon Crain - vocals, guitars
Penelope Stevens - keys, bass, vocals

Dan Tweedie played organ on ABE.
Mike Freeze played bass on River.

Recorded + Mixed by Dan Tweedie
Produced by Motherhood + Dan Tweedie
Mastered by Phillip Victor Bova at Bova Sound - Ottawa, Canada

Recorded at Chestnut Street, Dick's Last Resort, Luke + Mallory's basement and Waterhouse Studio in and around Fredericton, New Brunswick.

All songs written and performed by Motherhood.


all rights reserved



Motherhood Fredericton, New Brunswick

Motherhood is an avant-rock trio from Fredericton, NB, Canada.


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Track Name: Youngest Fool
I'm gonna get to Heaven / Lord I know I'll see you there
I'm gonna put that white robe on / and set that crown upon my hair
I wasn't taking my time / I had just taken a spill
I wasn't drinking of that fine wine / I was scrounging for my meals
And although I am a preacher's boy / I'll admit I'd gone astray
And though I tried to walk that narrow road / I found it was not straight
God take me still

Angel Angel take my hand / and take me as I bleed
I was forgetting where I came from / I was denying things I need
I kept my eyes on dirty things / oh the places I could sleep
And though the sleep was good and welcome / it was sour with deceit
And my mother's eyes were saddened / and my father said be true
But there's only so much good advice / a foolish boy can use
God take me still

Holy Ghost you've seen my eyes / you've seen and you have known
But the things that I have shown you / only scream and growl and groan
And I hope my heart is red still / and I hope what's in my veins
Is the blood that I was born with / not this bad blood I have made
Track Name: Dead Water / ABE
I got nothing to do here but wander around
I got nowhere to go but to grieve
I have six-hundred letters from the Devil himself
Explaining all the ways I could leave
I have no one to crawl to but you now
I have everything under the Earth
I have days that I lose to the darkness
You've been cursing the day of my birth

So run me through

And that god-awful city wouldn't take me back
After hearing the things that I said
And your god-awful pity made my dry bones crack
And I feared that you'd not leave my bed
I stop running when stars come up over my head
I can't sleep when the hyenas laugh
It's a cold crooked world if you keep looking back
But my lungs only breathe in the past

I'm going for a walk in the river
I'm going for a walk in the Dead Water

Swing my bones / woman let me die
I don't hate you know / but I can't tell sometimes
I'm so far from home / and I been gone too long
The Devil knows my name / and the ones I've wronged


Oh my heart / it is black and blue
I am over this / I am over you
And I can't say no / but I won't say yes
So I'll close my eyes / and I'll let you guess

Darling I'm confused again
These hollow hills won't take me in
Gonna have to run me through again
If your knife can reach

Swing my bones / woman let me die
I am horrible / in my mother's eyes
I can't have it all / I can't have it none
Father Abraham / I'm a bastard son

Crooked world / I'm a crooked man
There are things around / I don't understand
Like these aches and pains / that my body knows
Like my restlessness / Like the way it grows
Track Name: Winter / The News / River
Holster your gun / 'til the time is right / 'til the call is louder
Woke up my girl / in the dead of night / I couldn't go on without her

I want the road now / but that road snow is coming down hard
I want the road now / but that road would only do me harm

Pack up my bag / with nothing / but cigarettes and bread
Let go my thoughts / clear out / my ever aching head

My feet are burning / but that fire will have to keep me warm
My feet are burning / and my heart is torn


I've got Hell / in my head
In my hands / oh the poison
I dug a hole / so deep
In my heart / to keep the noise in
I'm going down to the River with rocks in my clothes
I'm gonna take all the sins of the people I know
I've got Hell / in my head
In my hands / oh the poison

Satan / your head
My mother's heel / will crush you clean
Satan / I always knew
Love is war / my tongue is a guillotine


Woman I / am petrified
The Holy Ghost / is coming by
It's horrible / it's in my bones
Never touch it but I will die from this
Never crack a smile I'd never let my mother cry for this
Until River I'm home

River I'm home
Lay me to rest on your floor

Jesus please / the remedy
I had it here / believe believe
I'll radiate / I'll fix me up again
Lucifer Lucifer come down off your high horse
The tower got too tall had to tear it down of course
But River I'm home
Track Name: Hocus Pocus
I guess they know me best / at the church where I confess
But the folks look so depressed / and the men look down my dress
I always hear them talking / and looking at me strange
Asking about my family / asking about my age
I tell them I ain't got none / though I'm only thirty-four
Mama died awhile back / Daddy's heart was poor
Oh they're very sorry / yes that story sure is sad
But you won't see me crying / for my old Mum and Dad
Because they're up there in Heaven / and I'm still stuck down here
Drunk and lonely most nights / sleeping half the year

How I wish that I could join them / though I know I never will
No I'll be down a' rapping / on the gates of Hell
Old Luce will be excited / probably let me in himself
Show me to my room / with just a table and shelf
Pictures of my loved ones / and all the things that I done wrong
And I only see old Satan / and the whiskey's never gone

He'll never say a kind word / and I'll cry most every night
Or he'll torture me with a good time / so I remember what it's like
Track Name: Shoe Suede Blues
Go away dear friends I got troubles of my own
I can't heal you and I wouldn't try
But they clawed at my door 'til I crawled and I roared
I screamed 'the horror I'm finished I'm dying
'See my body is made up of terrible things
That are one by one leaving me bare
But I'd never blame them or ask you to shame them
I'm poison and full of despair'

Well my friends wouldn't leave me and they tried to deceive me
And it tickled my heart that they lied
So I kept them for counsel and they hung from my mantle
And I slipped out and borrowed their ride
I don't think they could tell I was ringing their bells
I was putting them on for a joke
They were surely surprised and wiping their eyes
When they wandered outside for a smoke

I put those rocks in my clothes
I took them on down the road
I planned on sinking like stones
I was only thinking of them
I was only taking their sins
I had to help them repent

Well I drove like the wind and God forgave my sins
'Cause He can and I thanked Him and cried
My friends surely cursed me and promised to burst me
And all grabbed their guns from inside
For we lived in a house with no speck of a doubt
Where the Lord was thanked daily for lives
We were safer as many more safer with semis
Rifles, revolvers and knives

So they came well prepared on the road that we shared
Though I sped up ahead going south
With a true disregard for my life or the car
Or the beer that I tipped to my mouth
Well I blew out the brakes see but the gates wouldn't take me
Though the saints would all swear that I tried
I screamed 'I will not go slowly or tired or holy
'But foolish and young and with pride'

I tripped and fell down the hall
Dragged by an angry Saint Paul
He wouldn't have it at all
He threw me back down to Earth
Said it was what I deserved
Oh how I moaned and I cursed

I lay in the ditch and my body did twitch
And my eyes were distorted and blurred
When my friends finally caught up I was sure that I'd be shot up
But they saw me and their minds were deterred
I begged them to save me I begged them 'don't grave me
'Don't leave me, I'll make it, I swear'
They talked to each other and I called them all brother
And they mumbled and pulled out their hair

See they feared for my life but remembered the strife
That I'd caused them an hour ago
So I told them 'desert me, it was myself who hurt me
'I'll make it, though I will make it slow'
As they shrunk in the darkness I could see that I'd been tarnished
And at my friends' next convenience I would die
So I mourned what I'd lost then I cut it from my thoughts
And I limped along the road until light

I couldn't go home and die
I had to leave for my pride
I left my family behind
I needed somewhere to sleep
I made it wicked and deep
Saint Paul have mercy on me

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